Since it was built in the 1970s the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline has been a type of gold rush for the residents of Alaska.

While every state in the US benefits from oil, Alaska residents really are blessed with the rewards given them each year simply for being a citizen of our state. Last year (2010) alone each man, woman and child received $1,281 from Permanent Fund investment earnings on the oil revenue.

The trans-Alaska oil pipeline stretches across over 800 miles of the Alaska terrain covering forests, the tundra, mountains and many rivers and streams. It traverses many of Alaska's cities including Fairbanks along the Dalton and Richardson highways. Here visitors can actually get up close to the pipeline where there is a gift shop and information telling folks all about the history and navigation of the pipeline.

The trans-Alaska pipeline was an over $8 billion job and is the largest to date privately funded construction project in the US. The pipe itself is 48 inches in diameter and has pumped over 16 billion barrels of oil through it's core since it's competition. The oil travels from Prudoe Bay on the north tip of Alaska to the Port of Valdez where it is then loaded for refineries along the West Coast.

The careful monitoring and checking of the pipeline ensures the tender tundra up north is highly protected as one footstep off the path can cause permanent damage to the environment.

We are proud of our resources and history and know that we take every precaution to ensure the continued welfare of our residents.

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