Fairbanks is the headquarters for the three day Dog Sled race that starts on fairbanks homesMarch 18-20th this year. The Alaska Dog Mushers Association has announced that the purse for the GCI Open North American Championship Sled Dog Race will be $25,000.

This is the 66th year for the race and features 20 mile heats the first two days and a strenuous 30 mile run on the last day. This may be the fastest open race in the world.  After the race, awards will be presented at the Westmark Hotel and tickets are $40. 

Surrounding the main event are minor races including the annual Jeff Studdert Passenger race where one person rides in the basket to the halfway point then switches for the return trip. The championship racing season continues on Saturday and Sunday with the North Pole Championships at Star of the North Charter School and the Morning Star Ballfields in North Pole.

Although anyone can be a sponsor of the race GCI is the major sponsor offering a $25,000 purse. Interested parties are asked to contact Katy Fitzgerald at 385-7322.

Feel free to come and enjoy all that Fairbanks has to offer in this exciting one of a kind race only found in Alaska. If you are interested in making Fairbanks home, I would love to show you around the area. No matter what time of year it is, there are always wonderful homes for sale in the area.

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