What's so Great about living in Alaska?Where to live in Alaska

Many people wonder this and several often think about moving to Alaska. It truly is the last great final frontier and what seems like the end of the world.  What many assume is a cold, frigid area is actually one of the prettiest places on earth.  Majestic mountains, crystal blue lakes and rivers and strikingly green trees against the beautiful floral backdrop are what most Alaskans see on a daily basis, and not just in the summer time.

Fairbanks weather may surpise most of you. While Phoenix hits 100 we sometimes soar past that in odd summer days. We typically are a warm 60-80 in the summer and cooler in the winter of course. Our seasons change along with the year and offer breath-taking views of every season of life.

Fairbanks is located in the heart of Alaska and it accessed by State Hwy 2 up through Canada or from Hwy 3 from Anchorage. We are a small community but the largest in our area. We are in the North Star Bourough area and there are about 32,000 residents in the Fairbanks area with thousands more in the North Pole area and those that live on the Fort Eielson AFB.

We are a beautiful location to call home. Many homes start at just $50,000 and there are luxuious estates over $400K. Many people come for fishing tours, campling and hunting trips or cross country ski adventures and end up staying a life time. Give us a call or contact us anytime for more updates on listings in Fairbanks or North Pole.

When you're ready to make the move to North Pole Alaska or anywhere in the Fairbanks real estate area, please let me know. I would be happy to help you buy or sell any property in the area.