Ester is a smaller community in the Fairbanks North Start Borough that has about 2,500 residents. This lovely village Ester Alaslaoften called the "Bedroom Community" of the Fairbanks area exhibits a strong sense of community and structure among it's inhabitants.

Originally a gold mining camp in the early 1900s, Ester's first claim was by Latham A Jones who worked the Eagle Mining Company. This Czechoslovakian immigrant first found gold in the Ester Creek which runs through Ester.  This thriving mining community completed a social hall in 1907 which was used for church, dances, social gatherings, movies and parties. The town quickly grew to include several taverns and hotels to support the local mining community.

By 1910 the gold production was starting to decline when in the 1920s the Fairbanks Exploration Company began buying claims on Ester Creek. This not only reshaped the town but brought growth and more community with the addition of "high-tech" methods of gold mining and dredging.

This continued for some time bringing fire departments, community associations and more and in 1986 the Ester Community Association built the Ester Park which became a local landmark and social community center. Ester Community Park is a predominant park, maintained and improved by the Ester Community Association's Park Committee and other volunteers from the community. The park has an ice rink that doubles as a basketball court in the summer, a children's playground, a picnic pavilion, a stage, and a soccer field. This park, situated next to the Ester Volunteer Fire Department, is the site of numerous soccer games, Ester Football League games, broomball, the Fourth of July picnic, musical gatherings, and other events throughout the year.

 In 1987 the  area was designated at the Ester Camp Historic District by the National Register of Historic Places. Shortly thereafter more distinct activities made Ester a focal point in the Fairbanks area with the publication of Mushing Magazine and became a starting point for mushing races.

The Ester village wraps around a square at the foot of Ester Lump. This "town square" is actually the parking lot of the Golden Eagle Saloon, divided in two sections by Main Street, but functions as a focal point and central gathering place during celebrations such as the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve. Private residences, the library, and the Golden Eagle surround the square. Today the town features two saloons, five publishers, a library, a fire station, the post office, a silversmith, several art studios, and three active gold mines.

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