Fairbanks Alaska, called "The Golden Heart of Alaska" for it's location in the heart of Alaska and for it's residents characters.

Some might also reference it to be from the discovery of gold in 1902. Whichever way you refer to the Golden Heart of Alaska, Fairbanks is known not only for it's crisp air and breathtaking Northern Lights but also for the limitless events, activities and festivals that grace our area every year.

Fairbanks Alaska which is 358 miles north of Anchorage is, what some call, the end of the Alaska Highway. Its central location makes it the focal point for the tiny villages scattered throughout the surrounding wilderness, and Fairbanks is a staging point for North Slope villages such as Barrow and the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay. Yet, unlike Anchorage, it still retains its down home "frontier" feel. It is contained within the North Star Borough, similar to a county, but which is roughly the size of New Jersey!

Fairbanks emanates a quality of light, energy and warmth found nowhere else on Earth. Greet the Arctic wilderness on our doorstep or be amazed by our magnificent neighbor, Denali. Be transported into our gold rush past or engaged in the art and culture of our vibrant and diverse city. Make your journey into the heart of the Last Frontier and experience the light, energy and warmth found only in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Whether you are visiting or residing here there is always something fun to do around the Fairbanks area. Ride on a historic Sternwheeler or visit one of the many museums. Hike, walk or bike ride through the town loops or visit the parks for a glimpse of Alaska wildlife. With concerts gracing the air every summer and wintery delights when the weather turns snowy, there is always something to charm you and take your breath away.

In the summer, there are endless lakes to explore and go beach combing at ChenaLakes. Tour the national forests and parks and take the in sights at local breweries and wineries.

Alaska may be known for its harsh winter climate, but Fairbanks residents prefer to enjoy their wonderful summers to the fullest while they can. The Interior has temperatures ranging from 65 degrees below zero in the winter to 90 degrees above in the summer. This makes for excellent gardens and greenery. In the winter the Aurora Borealis (northern lights), dog races, and more are our treats and cannot be enjoyed in quite the same way in the summer.

Because we are just 188 miles south of the Arctic Circle (above which the sun neither sets during the summer solstice, nor rises during the winter solstice) we also have very long summer days. The shortest winter day of the year has less than three hours of sunlight, the longest (around June 21) never really ends, though officially it has over 21 hours.

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